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I Learn The New Things To Live My Life

Do you know how the baby's nature?

The baby nature is pure. Pure of everything! Soul, heart, and mind! A baby is a human being who newly born on this earth and who haven't yet known to the mundane natures.

The mind, heart, and soul of a baby is still very pure but every baby has his destiny each one that will take him to what he like and want, and also, will take him to what he would become. E.g, he can become a doctor, pilot, army, chef, artist, model photo, a psychiatrist, a farmer, etc. Maybe he can have an incumbency like become a president, a president director of a company, a business owner or other positions that are available in the companies or the government.

By comparing like a baby, this is what happened in my mind, heart, and soul, now! Being purer or having the nature of purity, although not entirely 100%. I can feel or think only sourced when I need something for my body, like when I'm hungry, I must eat and when bath time arrives, I will take a bath. Like a…

Knowledge Is Beneficial. How To Live the Life on Earth Like in Heaven.

Six Minutes To Success
Hello, my name is Santosa Laksana. I want to share my experience about a small success I got, but gives the big impact into my life when facing the obstacles, temptations, and challenges to go to success. Clearly is, when someone wanted to starting his life through his ideas and he does it in the right way to achieve success, he will face a lot of obstacle, temptation and also a challenge in his journey.

The obstacles, temptations, and challenges which can bring someone towards failure. Well, I just experienced it..! Fortunately, four years ago, I ever read Mr. Bob Proctor's motivational books and his audio mp3s, a piece of knowledges and insights from him that can bring me to be strong man to face every obstacles, temptations, and the challenges to achieve my success.

The obstacles to my farm, the obstacles which impacted that I couldn't sell my vegetable yields, spring onions, local market rejected my products or buy to really low price. This is about …

Transforming and protecting our soul nature through healthy food.

What is definitely the healthiest food for the soul? The right answer for me is vegetable. Vegetable is the fastest mental healing medicine if you know how. I just recently did what was commanded by the instinct of myself, to do fasting for two days without eating and just drinking a water. I just did it..!

The whole problem of worldly traits has oppressed my mind and heart at that time. The other sides of the existence of the worldly natures, namely negative things, oppression, injustice, deception, dishonesty, anger, greed, ignorance, betrayal, jealousy, entrapment, hatred, cunning, cruelty, and all the traits of the 12 signs of evil person that will cause the arise of sadness, pain, suffering, weakness, fear, worries, impatient, and disappointment, have almost already penetrated and gotten in into my soul.

I have passed that danger. My soul nature was saved by spinach when my instinct told me that I was allowed to eat, but eat wild spinach that grows in the backyard of my guest hou…

Snails Eating Vegetables In The Farm.

This incident occurred recently in my small farm. I just planted the seeds of vegetables "mustard greens, pakcoy, and swamp cabbage" in these two weeks. The growth of vegetable babies was well, but some leaves were damaged and I have a thought that it was caused by caterpillars because of my experienced before, every damages to the leaves is caused by caterpillars. Without long thinking again, I decided to use a low level pesticide toxic on tomorrow morning to kill the caterpillars.

Actually, I am an organic vegetables farmer and I have an opinion if uses a toxic of pesticide in low level and spraying it with thin thin on the leaves and uses that in early two weeks after planting and used only once for the crops that has the age of 30 days for harvesting season, it would not be affecting the quality result of organic vegetables itself as long as in the grow period, the fertilization of vegetables only uses manure fertilizer, otherwise do not chemical fertilizer.


Enhancing of my life by making new ideas.

The universe has forced me to do the right things in my life and prevented me from no benefit things that I was doing and I very thanks for that.

My these ideas was resulted from what I experienced before that is my failures when I sold the harvest of vegetable yields to the local market. The idea is, I should manage in the correct way either about my guest house and my farm simultaneously in one day every day. I should use every existing resources to increase the number of visitors to guest house by making an event or making various services that fulfill the wishes of the guests meanwhile I work on farm.

Without realized, I have had a new power to deal with my current situation, I can work diligently on the farm while also making marketing news for guest house along with the preparation of the services that I would invent later. At this time I am starting the new ideas that started from the beginning, I started planting three kinds of vegetables "mustard greens, pakcoy, and swam…

Let's share a moment

My week in Santosa's house is now finished. I need to continue my travel and discover other people. But this week was very rich in sharing. It's the thing I'm searching in my journey, share little moments, when people bring me in a place just to take a tea, to see a beautiful landscape, or when they cook for me. And I found what I wanted here.  Santosa showed me many places around, and was very happy when I met new people like his brother. With his son, Kusuma, we shared really good moments in the kitchen ! He is very talented, he likes cooking and I showed him 3 recipes from France. He cooked me very good dishes every day. I ate new things, different tastes, and we just made a real exchange of our two cultures. I will always remember him enjoying the cake !

They are really good people who want to show you what it is to live in Indonesia and will do a lot of things for you. We talked a lot about life and how to be confident. Hope they will apply my little advises. With San…

Discovering Wonosari area with Fanny

Hi, my name is Fanny, I'm from France and I'm travelling all around Asia for six months. I arrived in Wonosari on the 30/09/18 after discovered Jogjakarta department. I chose to come in Santosa's village because I wanted a real experience of the Indonesian life. I wanted to know more about every day life, what did they eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, what did they do for free time, habits and everything. After a long trip by train from Yogya, Santosa picked me up at Kepanjen train station and drove me with motorbike to his house. Here I met his son, Kusuma. After they let me know that they are learning English by themselves, and I'm very impressed, they speak very well !
I took a little time to rest and admire the view, directly on the mountains and the village, really beautiful. They offered me dinner, and what a pleasure to eat something different and not again nasi goreng ! Kusuma cooked me rice, vegetables and tofu, and I'm very thankful they cared about …

Zita trip sightseeing around the villages.

This is the second experienced, I hosted the guests from Europe. The first is from London and now is from Hungary, she is Zita Zeber. Very smart and an modest, gracious, courteous, kind, and pleasant woman that has removed my worried if I would disappoint her because my guest house is very simple and haven't fully ready yet to serve the guest. But she said don't worry, everything is okay and I like your place. That's made me happy and my worried become disappeared.

And the next day, she asked me to guided her sightseeing around the villages, and I very pleasured to did that. I guided her to waterfall, the place is very nice to relax. We took some pictures there, relax, and took a time for a moment to meditation on the top of stone. I looked she is very passionate to finish her meditation and I am done first.

The next, we went to small water spring, the water is very clean and can be drunk directly, the taste is very fresh. I would frankly for this, the place is not too bea…

Planting Strawberry and About Me.

Planting strawberry and the way of God.

I had a very bad experience recently, I couldn't sell my yield on local market. I planted spring onions that actually growth well. But, with no reason, the local market decreased their purchased to my product, so, I didn't have enough revenue from my farm. And the worsted is, they stop their bought at all with no reason also, although, I could serve them well and from the best of my harvest. I have a thought there are someone that envy to see my succeed and used a racism and religion way to beat me. I am a minority here.

Because I have been experiencing it for years until now precisely are 21 years. Someone was gave me an offer to work what they wanted like giving an advice to help me in order to how I become succeed. Yes, I very struggled to do that, and I am succeed. But, suddenly, all people that engaged or involved a business with me was changed their direction, and that were the things that I couldn't following it. And then they…