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Relax and Joyful in Our Hotel.

We are developing my farm in my hotel. We are growing shallots to produce nice shallots because the weather and resources is fit for our purpose which we live in the Kawi mountain area, a spiritual tourism village.I am having great intention to attract foreign tourist visitors to our hotel like from US and Europe.

We are having 12 bedrooms for 5 and 3 persons.  Our place is very appropriate for you who have intention to relax, meditation, writing if you as an author or long stay in Indonesia. My place is the right place for you.

My hotel rooms.About the bedroom of my hostel.

The bedrooms is equipped with sponge mattress, blanket, pillow, and one cupboard. The doors and the window are made of frosted glass so the light of the sun can be freely enter to the room. We have two kinds of rooms. The rooms for 5 peoples and 3 peoples. The bathrooms is on outside and we prepare for you hot bath traditional boiled with woods.

Our room faces to the forest scenery. When the sky is bright you can …

Cheap Hotel In Indonesia

Besides cheapest, you can cook your favorite food by yourself in the kitchen of hotel prepared special for you. Our hotel accepts a voluntary or donation payment system. Cheap Hotel in Indonesia. Please contact us directly by phone or via WhatsApp "GProS Farmer Group" here: 085731231317 to get information directly from us. Or visit on our google website for getting the direction:  will pick you up when you come to our place.

Our place is a perfect place to vacation with your family or your spouse, because, besides for relaxing, at first our hotel is a place for people to practice spiritual power and meditation. For that we always keeping the peace, honesty and sincerity to build strong integrity in our service. Please feel free visiting our place to assist us in performing social services that had been established by our parents since we were born.

Santosa Laksana

GProS Farmer, Hotel and Restaurant.

Come and stay up to you how long you will stay to strengthen your spiritual power at a ritual tourism village in Kawi Mountain. Hotel with voluntary system payment. Available a chicken nugget fried rice, fish nugget fried rice, fried rice - spice chicken wings. The relax place for searching a new idea for your goal, your business or your worthy life.

We accept a voluntary payment system at our hotel. You would not worry about how much you will spend your money, just give how much you thought deserve, We are only need your sincerity. We will happy if you happy, we will happy if you feel healthy in this our hotel. Please come and call me or whatsapp here 085731231317, so that I can pick you up to guide you.

We have a hot water bath traditionally. RP. 3000 for once bath.
Fried Rice " fish and chicken nugget " RP. 15000
Indonesian coffee RP. 2000
Hot or Cold Tea RP. 2000

Please for coming..!