How To Plant Mustard Greens Grow Use Poly Bag at Home.

Education of agriculture: Ways planting mustard greens.

Hello guys, my name is Santosa Laksana.
On this amazing day, I would like to share my experience about how to plant the mustard greens by using the polybag.

In order to not be boring, let us get straight to the learning topics.

Prepare the polybag by diameter size of 32 or 35 cm. This size is the appropriate size to accommodate the mustard greens that had been planted when the mustard greens growing up.

The second one:
Prepare the soil which already screened / sifted. Ensure that the soil is cleaned of all the pebbles. The soft soil would facilitate the plant roots spread easily in the soil so the root would be faster to absorb of nourishment.

Third: Prepare chicken fertilizer, which already matured. I prepare them to be mature to about 40 days and I mix it with rice husk or rice straw, poured with clean water until soaked. Let open don't cover it with any plastic and let it dry. Keep from the light of the sun. If in 40 days haven't dry please give a more time and don't use it before your fertilizer be dry. This session is very important to be obeyed if you want to get the best result in the growth of your mustard greens.

Okay, done. You have the ingredients to continue planting your mustard greens seeds.

Sequences for planting mustard greens started from seeds using the polybag.

Stage one:
Enter the soft or sifted soil into your poly bag with a thickness of 10 cm. Add with chicken fertilizer already matured with a thickness 2 cm. Repeat this manner until your polybag completely full, this manner is to build the soil rich and healthy to generate the life of microorganisms  in the soil that are the beneficial and N-P-K element that is very good for feed the mustard greens.

Stage two:
Moisten the soil surface by thin, in order when you make a shallow hole and put the seeds, the soil does not get cluttered.  You can make the shallow hole by using the nail rivet aluminum with size: 4.8 mm x 19 millimeters.  Use the nail rivet head to prepare holes for the seeds.  You do not need to worry about the depth of the hole because the nail rivet heads have a length: 1.8 cm, which is in conformity with the depth that is required.

Stage three:
Enter the seed into the hole without cover it again with soil. Watering by thinly by using soft sprays that automatically the soil will cover the seeds, but not too covering all surfaces. So, you should be careful when watering, use the soft spray and do not get too much which resulted in the hole in the soil for the seeds covered completely. I hope you understand what I meant. Ideally, the seed content for diameter size of 32 up to 35 of this poly bags is just two seeds.

About how to perform the daily care for your mustard greens.

Stage one:
The seeds will grow and occur germination at about 3 to 5 days. In this session do not water the seeds excessively. Enough using soft spray on the soil surface that its purpose is only to keep moisture from the soil surface. This treatment should keep and maintained until your mustard greens on the age of 10 days.

Stage two:
When the mustard greens on 10 days old, the height of the mustard greens would reach about 7 to 10 cm, that means, the roots have already strongly embedded in the soil. So, you can water it by sprays more a lot. The size of the water capacity seeps into the soil is 1/4 of the soil surface of your polybag. Water the mustard greens twice a day, in the morning at 08.00 and afternoon at 15.00. This is the best time, so your mustard greens will be growing big and healthy.

Stage three:
At the age of 10 to 25 days, the mustard greens are in the growth period that is you must perform watering twice a day by seeps water capacity 1/4 of the soil surface with an atomizer of water rather strong to keep clean the leaves of mustard green from any dust and the butterfly eggs which could turn into a caterpillar pests.

Stage four:
At the age of 25 up to 35 days, it is the growth period of leaves, leaves stems, and root. They need feeding and nutrition very lot, then you must watering until the wetness level of the soil achieves 1/2 depth of the height of the poly bag. In the morning and afternoon, keep spraying water by use half of high pressure. If you look at some of the leaf yellows, you just enough, add the chicken fertilizer little. When giving husk chicken fertilizer on the surface, try only thinly, so that the buds of seed are easy to appear.

Images of mustard greens, chili and me.

I wrote a new, an another way to plant the mustard greens advanced level.

All is depending on your atmosphere area. Please take a look at here.

I hope you try it immediately, share about your yield, and enjoy your harvest.

Warm regards.
Santosa Laksana.


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