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Embroidery For Farmers: Logos Design of Embroidery Art For Farmer Needs In Classic and Modern Style

Home and garden: Art and accessories of farming lives
I found a merchant exclusively makes and creates the design of embroidery art for fulfillment your spirit as a farmer. More than 32.000 embroidery images have already designed exclusively online and 2240 has been arranged and no limits to be downloaded.

Being a farmer is something proudest in my live. Has a different spirit and different mindset if compared by the other jobs. A true farmer has a deep soul to know the universe. Has a different attitude and different feeling. He or she live use a strong heart and soul. Creating the happiness with their own ways, have a sincerity and honesty to share with others.

A true farmer would be happy if look others to be happy, love with the peoples who love nature, love with the peoples who can love themselves, love neatness and art. I am as a farmer always keep this attitude in my life, Especially honesty and sincerity.

So as a fellow farmer and also as a blogger, here, I am with vigorously…

Plant That Can Repel Presences of Pests of Vegetable Crops

Educational of agriculture: repellent-pest crop
In the present era, farmers are vying to cultivate their crops by using organic ingredients. It has become a shame culture if does not to become an organic crops farmer.  At present, produce organic products are the top priority as a criterion of successful farmers and clever and will be said stupid or shiftless if a farmer has not mastered the techniques of the crops treatment ways by utilize the organic materials.

First, let's talk about what is it the plants, fruits, and veggies that organic? Allow me to discuss in a simple way so that is easy to understand for those who are new in the world of agriculture.

Organic matter. According to the English dictionary is:
Of, Relating to or derived from living matter.
Of, Relating to or denoting compounds containing carbon (other than simple binary compounds and salts) and chiefly or Ultimately of biological origin.

Living live animate biological biotic (of food or farming methods) produce…

Another Way Advanced Level, How To Plant Mustard Greens Use Poly Bag At Home.

Education of agriculture: Advanced level how to plant the mustard greens
Hi, meet again with me. My name is Santosa Laksana.
I would like to share to you my another study about how to grow the mustard greens use the polybag in a simple ways but can gives the best harvest result to you.

To complete my purpose, if you have not read my article previously yet, you can shift this page

If you have already read it, please continue reading this article and I genuinely appreciate your visit, and, thank you so much.

In my article before, I wrote about how to plant the mustard greens from the seed by using a nail rivet head to make a shallow hole in the soil. Here, I am explaining the same thing, but with an another way when placing the seeds. Using the pieces of PVC pipe with the diameter size of 4 cm or 5 cm.

Actually, there are no differences when using the nail rivet head or use a PVC pipe to put the seeds. Only if you use a PVC pipe, the crops will look neater. And also, in my state,…

How To Plant Mustard Greens Grow Use Poly Bag at Home.

Education of agriculture: Ways planting mustard greens.
Hello guys, my name is Santosa Laksana.
On this amazing day, I would like to share my experience about how to plant the mustard greens by using the polybag.

In order to not be boring, let us get straight to the learning topics.

Prepare the polybag by diameter size of 32 or 35 cm. This size is the appropriate size to accommodate the mustard greens that had been planted when the mustard greens growing up.

The second one:
Prepare the soil which already screened / sifted. Ensure that the soil is cleaned of all the pebbles. The soft soil would facilitate the plant roots spread easily in the soil so the root would be faster to absorb of nourishment.

Third: Prepare chicken fertilizer, which already matured. I prepare them to be mature to about 40 days and I mix it with rice husk or rice straw, poured with clean water until soaked. Let open don't cover it with any plastic and let it dry. Keep from the light of the sun. If in 40 days h…

GProS' Farm and Inn With Kinship System To Pay Rent of Room.

Tourism Place: Tourist and Hotel With Kinship System Payment.
Read the previous article here.

Hello again.
Here I would like to explain what is the meaning an Hotel with kinship system. According to the dictionary, kinship has a meaning as follows,

*Noun: kinship. Blood relationship.

*A sharing of characteristics or origins.
Affinity sympathy rapport harmony understanding empathy closeness fellow feeling bond compatibility similarity likeness correspondence concordance

*Web definitions
Affinity: a close connection marked by community of interests or similarity in nature or character; "found a natural affinity with the immigrants"; "felt a deep kinship with the other students"; "anthropology's kinship with the humanities"

At first, I strongly disagree with kinship system that has been built by my parents since 1962. I opposed it when I was at 20 years old and now I strongly agree and prefer to devote myself to serve on the kinship system after I was …

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