Zita trip sightseeing around the villages.

Visiting Indonesia and doing the best thing for several days or weeks or months by giving voluntary donation to stay at our guest house or farm house. Only paying for food for IDR 10000 for healthy foods and IDR 15000 with meat addition. Taken directly from our vegetable farm.

This is the second experienced, I hosted the guests from Europe. The first is from London and now is from Hungary, she is Zita Zeber. Very smart and an modest, gracious, courteous, kind, and pleasant woman that has removed my worried if I would disappoint her because my guest house is very simple and haven't fully ready yet to serve the guest. But she said don't worry, everything is okay and I like your place. That's made me happy and my worried become disappeared.

And the next day, she asked me to guided her sightseeing around the villages, and I very pleasured to did that. I guided her to waterfall, the place is very nice to relax. We took some pictures there, relax, and took a time for a moment to meditation on the top of stone. I looked she is very passionate to finish her meditation and I am done first.

The next, we went to small water spring, the water is very clean and can be drunk directly, the taste is very fresh. I would frankly for this, the place is not too beautiful, just water spring in the open place at the corner of the big stone, but we enjoyed the journey. Breathing in and breathing out.

The lunch time was come, we decided to had our lunch on Keraton. The ancient place for ancient Javanese that now already blended with 5 religion which has been stood there. Konfucius, muslim, hindu, and Catholic or Christian, and the last the prime that are animism and dynamism of javanese culture, it is called of Kejawen cultures.

The last of my story is, we went home with laugh and smile enjoyed our journey through another road across the woods. I hope the next time I will guide you to sightsee the village around my property. Still many. See you.

Coban Baung waterfall

Time to lunch


Pine trees

Zita in woods

Go home

Please visit my property in a village of Wonosari JL. Sumber manggis RT07/RW04, Gunung Kawi, East Java, Indonesia. GProS Farmer on google maps.

Love universe.
Santosa Laksana

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