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How Do I Think To Be A Successful Farmer?

My eyes and heart began to wide opened, that, to be a successful farmer it is not as easy as imagined. A lot of hidden knowledges and problems which have to be faced. Learn to become a successful farmer that who can enjoying his life in peace. A farmer who has an inner and physical satisfaction. Learn to look-out the hidden knowledges as well as hidden problems. All of those are already seen clearly in my mind.

I began to find my way to solidify my nature and behaviour as a farmer. If you are a crops lover or someone who are just starting your own garden, do not hesitate to follow these insights I found.

Centering your concentration on what you are planting.
Remove all you worries. Focus on producing the best crops you are having. Don't worry about the market, failures or anything. You would find your own markets and your own new insights automatically when you have already reached the best harvest yield of you. Do not stop when you got failures, continue and learn from there. Don&…

Overcoming Boredom When Farming.

Problems are always come unexpectedly, and I have just experienced it. Unfortunately I couldn't say all of my issues here, but I have resolved that problems through hard effort and the impact to me is that I am a bit frustrated, chaotic programs or delayed, chaotic financial, a loss of purpose, and the last is a high level boredom.

For three days I had to overcome one by one the impact of the problems I faced. Spirit? Yes, I had to keep to pumping my spirits while working on the farm. I had to work, I had to keep and take a good care to my plants. This is the only one way that is right for me and finally my spirit gradually began to rise.

The chaotic programs or delayed has resolved through discussed with my son. We both recalled, how our way in the days of yesterday. We did not record our regular activities. We only live alone. Then when we were creating a work activity, at the same time we would make that activity would be to be our daily life habits. When an unexpected situation…

Using Umbrella Hat DIM "Do it Myself" Working at The Farm With Rain.

My joy working in the farm. Work couldn't be delayed, my schedule for planting the seeds of shallot already done, I must preparing a new field for transplanting young shallots which should be finished in 45 days. I should not be late to finish it.

When I was doing my work on the farm to weed the weeds suddenly the rain came, so would stop my activity, whereas I couldn't stop to set up the new transplantation place that must finish on time. Has crossed on my mind. How I can continue my work whereas my farmer hat is too small to block the rain. And then...BooM..! I remember, I have an umbrella which is already broken, I was thinking that I gonna could use it and putting it on the top of my farmer hat. But, how?

Crossed my mind again, cut the umbrella handle and use the top of umbrella to be combined with your farmer's hat. Yes, no longer thinking, I did what was crossing in my mind. I cut the umbrella holder and then I placed the top of umbrella and tied it with a small wir…