I thought they were lost in my village at Wonosari and met with me and my son with their plan for traveling.

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I thought, they were lost when they made a plan to come to Indonesia and made a decision to come to my village. I felt, they were disappointed when come and stay in my guest house. They were like confused. What could I do here? I was confused, too, what I would show to them here is. Finally, I made a decision that I will show, how, me and my son lives here. How do our genuine lives here? Yes, we found the activities finally.

With brought a hesitate feeling, I explained one by one how our village is in before. In the past, our village was a tourism village destination. A lot of Chinese local tourists and local citizen came to my village just for praying in the temple or just traveled and looked around because it was very crowded at that time. And, now become a kampung, just ordinary kampung. But, sometime become a tourism village again, it depend to the big days like, new year or Eid day "Muslim big day."

I thought hard, how making them happy when they wer…

One step to make a strawberry pot has finished. Tomorrow, I can start to work and produce it.

Because I very enthusiasm to sell online my strawberry plants, my idea has grown and I made a decision that I had to make a strawberry pot to fulfill the service to the customer candidate who want to buy online via my this blog. I have finished making my mini workshop for working and I am ready to produce the pots starting tomorrow.
I work starting from Zero and is helped by my only son every day. We will try to make a perfect product to my customer's satisfaction who buy our product by online via my this blog. We will make sure that our pots of our production of these are strong, heat resistant, and water resistance, so can be used for indoor and outdoor.
We make these pots from wood and plywood, so this will demand our craftsmanship and our diligence when making it. I am, personally, will improve and advance my handicraft skill, besides for my own heart's satisfaction, but also for I want to be seen by the world that my struggle of the live to become successful is never the…

The wall roof which leak due to seepage has resolved.

I was happy when I had to repair the other roof and wall which leak because of seepage of the heavy rain on the front at my guest house. It before, I have done fixing the bathroom roof area which collapsed and made a new fireplace to boil hot water. And then, I continued working at the farm on a next day. Meanwhile, I also fixed a roof of the wall at the reception room part which leak because of seepage and I could fix it. When the rain falls, the roof of the wall didn't leak again. I succeed fixing it from the leak due to of water seepage in many years. I think to about 12 years the leak was happening before my father passed away. Today, I succeed again and I thought it is worth if I felt grateful because I could repair anything although I do not have an experience in that field. In many years that has happened. The leak that be said couldn't be repaired again, today, I could fix it and now is not leaking again.
Love and affection, Santosa Laksana

Finally the fireplace to cook hot water for bathing can be used again.

On the first day, when the roofs of the bathrooms collapsed, I had time thinking that, oh my goddess, how can I serve my guest if the fireplace to boil hot water is broken? I cannot repairing that! I do not able and do not have an experience to build a building using cement. I almost gave up.

Okay, because I had to repair the roof first, I did not think again how to repair the fireplace, I thought I would think later after I have finished repairing the roof. For three days I tried and struggled to build again the roof as I could and yeah,, I did it..! The Hut and roof have stood firmly on the ground at above the fireplace that was broken. Hoo hoo..., I thought again, I will have a new challenge tomorrow, build again the fireplace which I don't know how.

Relax.., relax.., I said to myself, I definitely can if I do it slowly and one by one. I took my rest, bathed, and did small celebrate when dinner with my son to celebrate our success, that is building a hut and its roofs.

Yes.., t…

Cleaning the bathrooms area and make sure to keep the spring water cleanest.

I and my son very busied today. Finishing our work yesterday cleaning the bathrooms area that just collapsed. Our loyal and bona fide guests from Jakarta will be coming today, so we had to hurry up to finish our work can be finished today. We make sure that the floor-yard outside of the bathrooms be clean.

We have 9 bathrooms outdoor to serve the guests whose stay one night or long stay at our guest house. We take the water directly from a spring of ours that was created by my father in the past in 1978. It was me at 4 years old.

We very excited for working until finish. Cleaning the floor and bathroom wall and bathroom tub. So amazing! Because, although our guest house is a simple guest house, not modern, the old guest house, but, the environment is very beautiful for me. The bathrooms area are already clean and the water in the bathtub so very clean, like no the water. I and my son are very satisfy with our work today and we say thanks so much to our God, the Universe, Holy spiri…

Rebuilding the roofs of the bathrooms area have finished.

We had to fast to rebuild again the bathrooms roofs area in our guest house and we could finish it within three days. Actually we lack of ingredients to rebuild it but we could finish it with a little use of our creativity.

We started it from cleaning the plants of binahong from the top of the roofs which were collapsing so that we had the space to work on there. It was on day one and we thought and made a plan for tomorrow, how and where to place the poles of bamboos to place the roof. We decided to put it on the top of water reservoir wall beside of hot water boilers. We worked start from morning at 06.00 am to at 14.00 pm because we have to take care on our guest house too. We decided to break to work for our farm.

On day two, we started making the bamboo poles and bamboo fragments for the roofs and then we installed it. We installed it one by one and carefully because we are actually do not have the experience to build a house or things like that. We always tested one by one the…

I must be happy in any conditions. The roofs of the bathroom area collapsed.

The warning from universe..! You must strong, your foundation must be sturdy, you must keep your health every day if you want to be happy in your life..! The roofs of the bathroom area of ours collapsed because of couldn't hold the heavy load of binahong plant which I planted one year and a half ago, which I thought would be cool decoration. I must start from beginning again, now.

The rain fell heavily yesterday, started noon until morning at 04.00 am and the roof collapsed at that time when my son woke up to pee. Fortunately, my son could avoid it quickly. Our responsibility are increasing now, beside to fix the guest house roof, work on the farm, keep clean the house, and take care ourselves, we must rebuild the roof of the bathroom area with a stronger foundation. In our country is raining season, raining every day.

Because, we have learned to how to be happy in any condition and in any circumstance, we are having a happy feeling, calm, and keep smiling with happiness. We are…

The Universe gave me a great work.

First, I would like to say thank you so much for the God, Universe, Holy spirit, and Deities. This is truly my hope, the great hope I have at this moment. I always learn to have a gratitude attitude every day in any condition, even in a very bad condition. But, for this thing, I am begging to the God and from the higher nature which has power, I pray to accept my gratitude. I very love with my work now, planting the strawberries and I want to be successful in this field.

My strawberries are growing well. Today I can continue to transplant them to the new containers and I am being helped with my son. This morning the weather is very bright and the air is very cool. We are, one by one cutting the runners of strawberry and moving it to the new poly bags that we have already prepared yesterday.

I have a different feeling after I planted the strawberry plant. I felt happier, stronger, more passionate, wiser, and loved. Yeah.... The plants of strawberry could change my soul which in befor…

Hooray...! I have finished weeding the grass.

Today is the day of Wednesday, I cooked an Indonesian food, sayur lodeh manisah with tahu gembos "lodeh of manisah vegetable with gembos tofu." I didn't work on the farm today. I prepared the ingredients of food with my only son, Kusuma Atsarak Santosa, the best supporter of mine at home. We happy and joyed on today.

Our task to weed the grass is over and we will continue our work tomorrow to transplant the runners of the strawberry into the new containers or poly bags. Today we had a free time to gather together with a different feeling, freed from working, freed from thinking, and freed from our uniform "garden clothes." Our feeling and mind are being felt light, now.

My son had a time for learning his program to become an online business development and he will write and talk about his new jobs someday here when he has finished his studies. Me too, I had a time to do another activity what I very like, that is writing, in English, like which I am doing now. …

Our first celebration on Chinese new year.

I was touched last night because I remembered when I was celebrating Chinese New Year with my late parents, my father and mother. Yesterday on Monday, February 04, 2019 were Chinese New Year's Eve 2570 and I had a chance to celebrate with my only son, which, I have never had the chance to celebrate it for 25 years. Last night was the first time, I and my son could celebrate The Chinese New Year to give the honor to my late father because he is Chinese, and my mother is Javanese and I am actually having two celebrations, right? Chinese and Javanese celebrations.
We made some of the foods for offerings to our ancestors, to the Gods, to the Buddhas, to the Holy Spirits, and to the Universe. We prayed, wishing to the happiness, peace, glory, prosperity, chastity, affection, joy, for our ancestors, our late parents, our grandparents, brothers and sisters who are in another world. I hope, they are all in the realm of kindness, namely in the heaven realm or the realms of the Gods or the…

Water spinach and lumpia made by Kusuma.

We got very a lot bamboo shoots recently from one of our family of my late mother from another village, Ngramen village. Our village is Wonosari. Now is the rainy season in our country, so the bamboo shoots are growing faster. We saved a lot in our refrigerator.

Fortunately, my dear son, Kusuma A. S. Love to cook, so that he can cook various menus use bamboo shoots and one of them is mixed with water spinach to add the freshness of the dishes. He made lumpia mixed with water spinach. So very delicious.

The best lumpia ingredient is bamboo shoots and chicken meat is then wrapped or rolled up with the flour batter is fried thinly. I guessed I will enjoy lumpia with any variation in two weeks.

Enjoying the rainy season with delicious lumpia.
Santosa and Kusuma A. S.

Only weeding the grass.

Today on Friday, February 01, 2019, I weeded the grass. Only weeded the grass! I very overwhelmed facing the runners of strawberries I planted. Very very fertile! The results are beyond what I expected. Imagine, I planted to about 50 the plants of strawberries in October 2018 and now in February 01, 2019 are becoming around 1500 the plants of strawberries. Whereas, I thought at the time that, I would get those numbers if already one year, but now, evidently, I could get that number within only three months. This achievement surprised me greatly. Thanks to God and Universe and the Deities whose always protect me.

So, I can speed up my plan for, I can sell the seeds faster, rather than I planned before, that is on next year. I guessed and I thought, I would can sell directly, my seeds of strawberries, on March or April in this year. I hope the sell goes well, so I can advance and add my products. I had an idea to make a plant pot when my sell of strawberry seeds goes well. I thought th…

I Learn The New Things To Live My Life

Do you know how the baby's nature?

The baby nature is pure. Pure of everything! Soul, heart, and mind! A baby is a human being who newly born on this earth and who haven't yet known to the mundane natures.

The mind, heart, and soul of a baby is still very pure but every baby has his destiny each one that will take him to what he like and want, and also, will take him to what he would become. E.g, he can become a doctor, pilot, army, chef, artist, model photo, a psychiatrist, a farmer, etc. Maybe he can have an incumbency like become a president, a president director of a company, a business owner or other positions that are available in the companies or the government.

By comparing like a baby, this is what happened in my mind, heart, and soul, now! Being purer or having the nature of purity, although not entirely 100%. I can feel or think only sourced when I need something for my body, like when I'm hungry, I must eat and when bath time arrives, I will take a bath. Like a…

Knowledge Is Beneficial. How To Live the Life on Earth Like in Heaven.

Six Minutes To Success
Hello, my name is Santosa Laksana. I want to share my experience about a small success I got, but gives the big impact into my life when facing the obstacles, temptations, and challenges to go to success. Clearly is, when someone wanted to starting his life through his ideas and he does it in the right way to achieve success, he will face a lot of obstacle, temptation and also a challenge in his journey.

The obstacles, temptations, and challenges which can bring someone towards failure. Well, I just experienced it..! Fortunately, four years ago, I ever read Mr. Bob Proctor's motivational books and his audio mp3s, a piece of knowledges and insights from him that can bring me to be strong man to face every obstacles, temptations, and the challenges to achieve my success.

The obstacles to my farm, the obstacles which impacted that I couldn't sell my vegetable yields, spring onions, local market rejected my products or buy to really low price. This is about …