Another Way Advanced Level, How To Plant Mustard Greens Use Poly Bag At Home.

Education of agriculture: Advanced level how to plant the mustard greens

Hi, meet again with me. My name is Santosa Laksana.
I would like to share to you my another study about how to grow the mustard greens use the polybag in a simple ways but can gives the best harvest result to you.

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In my article before, I wrote about how to plant the mustard greens from the seed by using a nail rivet head to make a shallow hole in the soil. Here, I am explaining the same thing, but with an another way when placing the seeds. Using the pieces of PVC pipe with the diameter size of 4 cm or 5 cm.

Actually, there are no differences when using the nail rivet head or use a PVC pipe to put the seeds. Only if you use a PVC pipe, the crops will look neater. And also, in my state, the weather is not stable, sometimes raining, sometimes not, so, when using the PVC pipe, it's can protect the stem of mustard greens from stem rot when the weather is so humid, mainly because of the rice husk fertilizer that touch on the stem-root. Benefit when using the PVC pipe is can separate the stem-root from the rice husk fertilizer so not touch to each other.

Please take a look the images below. I hope you can interpret what I describe on this image.

Using the pieces of PVC pipe 
the diameter size of 4 cm or 5 cm 
to put the seeds.
I use the pieces of PVC pipe with
the height of 3.5 cm

Use a wooden stick with 
a pointed end
to make a hole on the soil surface.
Make shallow hole to put
the PVC pipes.

I planted my seed two seeds
for this poly bag size. 
Make two shallow holes.
Place it your Pipe like this.
So fun working in the garden.

Fill in inside of pipe
with smooth soil or that
already sifted.

Fill to the brim, because you
will make a small hole
for your seed.
Fill the pipe edges or polybag
with chicken fertilizer husk.

Let the chicken fertilizer husk 
evenly distributed on the surface 
of soil in the poly bag.
Prepare your seeds. 
Choose that you think
the best seeds to be planted.
Ready to plant your seeds.
I hope you still keep 
your passion for reading.
Cover with the soil and let
the soil brim over, so would not
cover the seeds too thickly.
Water it with a gentle water spray.
Just on the surface of the soil. Until
the age is 10 days. Twice a day.
This is the mustard greens
that has been growing by using
this way at the age of 25 days.

Thank you for stopping by,
Buddha blesses you.


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