Using Umbrella Hat DIM "Do it Myself" Working at The Farm With Rain.

My joy working in the farm.

Work could not delayed, my schedule for planting the seeds of shallot already done, I must set up the new field for transplanting of young shallots which should be finished in 45 days. I should not be late to finish it.

When I was keeping my work in my farm to weeding the weeds suddenly the rain came, so would stop my activity, whereas I couldn't stop in order to set up the new transplanting place finished on time. Has crossed my mind, how I can continue my work, whereas my farmer hat couldn't hold the rain. And then...BooM..! I have an umbrella which is half broken, I was thinking that I gonna could use it and place it on the top of my farmer hat. But, how?

Crossed my mind again, cut the umbrella holder and use the top to combine with your farmer's hat. Yes, no longer thinking, I did what was in my mind, I cut the umbrella holder and then I placed the top of it by tying it with a small wire. Done. Finally, I can continue my work without worrying for rain. I use a farmer's umbrella hat.

Below is how I make it "Farmer's umbrella hat."

Cut the umbrella handle.

Cut the umbrella handle.
Put it like this.
Bind into one with wire.
Do not forget to enter the remaining pieces like this.
Farmer's umbrella hat already can used.
Works with a smile despite the rain.

The video about me.

Santosa Laksana

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