Relax and Joyful in Our Hotel.

We are developing my farm in my hotel. We are growing shallots to produce nice shallots because the weather and resources is fit for our purpose which we live in the Kawi mountain area, a spiritual tourism village.I am having great intention to attract foreign tourist visitors to our hotel like from US and Europe.

We are having 12 bedrooms for 5 and 3 persons.  Our place is very appropriate for you who have intention to relax, meditation, writing if you as an author or long stay in Indonesia. My place is the right place for you.

My hotel rooms.

About the bedroom of my hostel.

The bedrooms is equipped with sponge mattress, blanket, pillow, and one cupboard. The doors and the window are made of frosted glass so the light of the sun can be freely enter to the room. We have two kinds of rooms. The rooms for 5 peoples and 3 peoples. The bathrooms is on outside and we prepare for you hot bath traditional boiled with woods.

Our room faces to the forest scenery. When the sky is bright you can see directly the green colour of the mountain which very clean and fresh. Enjoying the light breeze by sitting in the front of the room to enjoy the atmosphere of the mountains and listen the birds chirp in the morning as the squirrels jumping on the trees. Many peoples utilize this moment to clear his/her psyche and mind, let go of tiredness and problems that accumulate and then alter it with positive thoughts and feelings to get the serenely aura.

I hope individually, hopefully you can come and feel the freshness and relaxation here. Getting the positive atmospheres for your happiness. Thank you for stopping by on my blog. I really hope you choose my hotel to long stay or just stopping by, We are will always ready to serve you. God bless.

Santosa Laksana

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