How Do I Think To Be A Successful Farmer?

My eyes and heart began to open wide, that, to be a successful farmer is not easy. A lot of hidden knowledge and problems to be faced. Learn to become a successful farmer, a farmer who can enjoy his life in peace, a farmer who has an inner and physical satisfaction. Learn to find out hidden knowledge as well as hidden problems. All seen clearly in my mind.

I began to find my way to solidify my behavior and properties as a farmer. If you are a plant lover or are starting your garden, follow this insight that I found.

Centering on what you plant.
Do not be afraid how you will sell it. If you can produce the best results from your harvest, you will learn and find your buyers automatically. Avoid processing your crops to be processed products, think about the huge cost and time you will waste, maybe even tougher competition with the existing products.  It can do after you master the subtleties of agricultural matters.

Navigate your future, not your good name.
When you have a superior product of your crops, which is the result of organic crops, whether it is tomatoes, potatoes, chilies, mustard greens, cabbage, onions, garlic, or organic fruits. You will find your own environment. A healthy society or environment as you will be able to offer and introduce the benefits of your organic farming products. You need to know, organic agricultural products have a taste that is fresher than the non-organic. I do not know about the nutritional value conceived, but I believe that organic plant products are healthier if we consume them. Don't worry about the noble name.

Create and keep your sense of confidence.
Many people wrongly make decisions in processing and managing their farm management. They are always looking for buyers with the highest price for their products. In fact, to become a successful farmer is not like that. It does not have to find a buyer that offering at the highest price. But find a buyer who can maintain and increase the income for your family. Avoid unhealthy competition by not looking for a buyer that offering at a higher price. More concentrate for your family life. Think about welfare of your family, you will find the right way of managing your farm.

Keep the faith that your farm will grow well.
Never stop to research the needs of your market.  Everything is constantly changing. Expand your insights! See yourself, to be a farmer, it takes a lot of technical knowledge, management, and psychology, right? A farmer must have a high empathy to keep their plants, a high sense of care, and affection, and the market is not having what you have. You will always face buyers, only buyers! Maintain your insight to deal with market psychology changes.

Never postpone because you always need the time.
An experienced farmer always has the nature of joyful, happy, wise, calm, patient, persevering, diligent, persistent, and intelligent. But, do you know, how long did he get those qualities? To gain that experience, a successful farmer can pass through it in 10, even 20 years. Do not ever postpone your work plan! Always remember how long you raised money to buy and add to your farm equipment? How long did you learn to market and eventually get to know your own market? How long you set up or built your farm? How long do you learn about your mistakes? And the last, how long will you become established?

I also think about how to build personal qualities that support the work and life of a farmer. The things below are always a question in me.

1. Do I already have a strong and good work ethic?
2. Have I worked diligently and persistently?
3. Am I committed to what I do?
4.  Do I have the patience to listen, accept, and consider, when someone has different opinions and gives me hints?
5.  Am I careful, examining it, and talking about it with people associated with me, like family, when I receive and will use the advice?
6. Will I always maintain organic markets and organic products?
7.  How can I adjust myself to my work on the farm with my other activities?

And there are many other questions that if I write here, it will be a book and not an article.  If the audience is interested and wants to discuss it more deeply, please critique it in the comments column, I will definitely answer it.

Let us share our experiences of the good, build a healthy and useful life through our noble work. Greetings and thank you for visiting my blog.

Santosa Laksana

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