GProS Farmer, Hotel and Restaurant.

Come and stay up to you how long you will stay to strengthen your spiritual power at a ritual tourism village in Kawi Mountain. Hotel with voluntary system payment. Available a chicken nugget fried rice, fish nugget fried rice, fried rice - spice chicken wings. The relax place for searching a new idea for your goal, your business or your worthy life.

We accept a voluntary payment system at our hotel. You would not worry about how much you will spend your money, just give how much you thought deserve, We are only need your sincerity. We will happy if you happy, we will happy if you feel healthy in this our hotel. Please come and call me or whatsapp here 085731231317, so that I can pick you up to guide you.

We have a hot water bath traditionally. RP. 3000 for once bath.
Fried Rice " fish and chicken nugget " RP. 15000
Indonesian coffee RP. 2000
Hot or Cold Tea RP. 2000

Please for coming..!

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