Overcoming Boredom When Farming.

The problem could have come unexpectedly, and I just experienced it, unfortunately I cannot say it here. But from this problem even though it has been resolved well, the impact on me is that I am a bit discouraged, a chaotic or delayed program, a little chaotic financially, a loss of purpose, and the last is boredom.

For three days I have to overcome one by one the impact of the problems I face. Spirit? Yes, I have to keep pumping my spirits while working on the farm. I have to work, I have to keep and take good care of my plants, this is the only work that is right for me, finally my spirit gradually began to rise.

Programs that are chaotic or delayed can also be overcome by discussing with my child, we both recall, how our way in the days yesterday. We do not record our regular activities. We only live alone, then when we create a work activity, at the same time, we will make that activity will be to be our daily life habits. Then when an unexpected situation arises, our living habits can change and will It's hard to bring back if we cannot remember how yesterday we behaved. I suspect or think negative because this situation could happen, that, maybe there are people who do not support us trying to change our good habits into bad habits, for example; likes to complain, sad, easily despair, disappointed, angry, etc.

But, by always praying to the Buddhas and Goddesses, I finally found an insight into how to deal with this mess. Finally, chaotic or delayed programs can I re-establish.

About finances a bit chaotic as well. Finally, I can also handle it, about this I'm ready because my friend Joanie McMahon lent me money to support my farm until it works, so I can still use the money until I can pay it. This is not a problem, financial problems can be solved.

Losing a goal. To overcome this problem, I had to repeat to read some of the books I've read "about farming and its traits." This is really important for me to do, because if I work as a farmer, but do not have the soul of a farmer, I will not be able to complete the work of a very complicated farmer. I read again, studied again, and rehearsed one by one, and finally my soul came back again and my goal was clear again.

And the last one is the incredible boredom. I'm really bored. My son is really bored, I am sad, because he is the only one who helps all my work. Starting from farming, managing a guesthouse, and taking care of the place we pray "God's Altar." When boredom arises, there is also a feeling of inferiority or disbelief of self and confusion. I do not know what to do. And, suddenly it popped into my mind, "why do not you take your photo on the farm and write down all your recent experiences." Well ..! Why do not I do that?

Here is my last story, I took my picture on the farm and my son's video while studying, he looks tired and bored, but, finally he can smile and even laugh again. Our final issue was resolved. May the Buddha and Goddesses protect both of us in the future.

I was watering onion seeds
Trying to be confident
Trying to have fun
The seeds are starting to grow
Planting seeds outdoors
My son was studying

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