Peace and harmony guest house

Our property is located at the foot of Mount. Kawi, Wonosari village, Malang East Java Indonesia. Only one hour from Malang city with Taxi. The average air temperature is 7 to 20 degrees Celsius and is surrounded by farmland and forest.

Our guest house was built since 1962 by my parents and has been surviving until now. We have 12 rooms, 9 for family rooms and 3 rooms can be used for couples or one person. We have 9 separate bathrooms that are used for traditional hot baths, boiling water with wood.

Are you interested in coming? Please make an order or reservation in advance so that we can provide all needed perfectly. You can make donate on-site or transfer via my bank account below. Our guest house is using voluntary payment system. Only pay for foods, average are IDR 10000 for vegetarian and IDR 15000 for non vegetarian.
Transfer Via BCA account: 
Atas Nama/On behalf: Santosa Laksana
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WhatsApp: GProS Farmer 

As you look on a maps above, our property is surrounded by large forest and farmland inside. Every forest is filled by small villages that you can promenade to know more about various cultures here. The majority of the population here are Muslims, the second Hindus, third Christian or Catholics, fourth Buddhist. I am a Buddhist. We live in peace here. Please for coming to recognize somewhere of Indonesia, the corner of Indonesia, and the one of lifestyle in Indonesia.

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