Marcus from England visit to Wonosari

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Marcus Powell
My name is Marcus and I arrived in Wonosari on the 15/09/2018. Santosa and his son Kusuma welcomed me into their home and have taken great care of me since i arrived. They have fed me, given me a bed and been very, very good hosts and friends to me since my arrival in Wonosari. I have huge respect for them as they taught themselves English completely from scratch, and i know how hard this must have been, especially when none of the locals speak English, and their English is really good! I came here with no real expectations and 3 simple goals: To find and eat a soursop (sirsat), to find and buy the flag of Indonesia, and to experience local Indonesian culture with no real tourism and live life like a local. I achieved the first two, and without the help of Santosa this wouldn't have been possible. On my first day Santosa, Errol (from Taiwan) and I went on a trek through a number of villages and into the woods, seeing lots of fruit trees, locals and the temple after a long walk through some beautiful nature. It was really nice to see all the villages and with Santosa's local knowledge, we knew what was what and everything was explained to us which was very helpful. Then yesterday Santosa and I drove around on a mission to find some fruit! Santosa was incredibly helpful, we drove to the house of a local lady that owned a soursop tree. After speaking with he and her neighbour, i managed to purchase 10 soursops, for the same price I paid for one in Ubud! Again, without Santosa's help this never would've been possible for me on my own. She invited us in and we had tea and some cakes, and I was very grateful to her and to Santosa for helping me to achieve this goal. After this we then drove to the house of Santosa's brother. He invited us in and was very happy to have us in his home, we had coffee and some cake, and chatted for a few hours with Setyo (Santosa's brother) and the other people he lived with. It was very rare for them to have a foreign tourist in their village, let alone their home, so i took pictures with them all so they could show their friends. We went into the garden and they very kindly picked some pomegranates for me, as well as looking at all the other fruit trees in the nearby area, which i love to do! Setyo was very kind, and because i love fruit so much, he drove to a friend of his and came back with a chunk of jackfruit (nangka) for me, which was so ripe and absolutely delicious! I ate a lot of it at his house and then saved the rest to take home. 6 of us then drove to a local spring so they could show me all the surrounding nature, including the vast array of natural springs that feed various villages with fresh water. There were quite a few people there, who were all very surprised to see me (a tourist) there! A lot of the children were looking at me and i was smiling and waving at them all, very happy to see everyone! We had coffee together and were chatting for a short while, before Setyo remembered that there was a yearly Gebyak ceremony; so we drove to where the ceremony was and there was around 150 people there in total. When we arrived, everyone was again very happy to see me and surprised that I was there, Santosa told me it's very rare for a tourist to attend one of these ceremonies. So everyone was asking me for pictures and I took a lot of photos with the locals and all of the ceremonial head dresses and outfits. It was a very surreal experience for me as well, as i am not used to all the attention! It made me very happy to make other people happy though, and i was more than happy to take pictures with everyone and wave and smile at all the people we drove past. After the ceremony left we drove back to Setyo's house and had some more coffee and chatted some more and then we left because Kusuma was worried we had been gone all day! Overall it was a really nice day that i enjoyed a lot and that i will remember forever! I was very grateful to Santosa for showing me around the local area, finding me soursop and to Setyo for also showing me around the villages and for having me in his home. I urge anyone that is travelling in Indonesia that wants to experience real Asian culture to pay a visit to Santosa & Kusuma's house, the locals are all super friendly and always happy to see you, as well as invite you into their homes and share what they have with you, what's not to love?! It's really amazing to experience how different cultures live, and to share your stories with them, they will always be happy to see a tourist in their village, and will make you feel like a local celebrity! It's very rare these days to find parts of Asia that are untouched by tourism, and will give you a really authentic taste of what it feels like to live in an Indonesian village, especially when you're living with locals and have a tour guide like Santosa, who will help you with anything you want to achieve, as he has done with me, and will introduce you to his friends and family, who are the same in terms of being really friendly and helping you with anything you want or need. Santosa and Kusuma have amazing ideas and their goals of wanting to boost tourism in the local area are very unique in terms of the locals here, and definitely achievable. Like anything, it will take time, but one tourist at a time will help these goals become a reality, and like they have helped me with mine, I am more than happy to assist on their blog and to encourage other travelers to come here to help with their goals!

Baung Waterfall

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