Welcoming The First Harvest of Shallots.

Farming activity: Preparing myself to first harvest.

Today, on Friday I very excited because my waiting has been already near. I wait for the harvest time of my crops is coming.  This is the second I was planting my crops "shallots" and I have waited for 4 months to reap. On April 21 2017 it is the time for my waiting is over.

Like my story before, I planted the mustard greens and I have learned in one year to can create the best harvest the mustard greens. Because the market is not good/less good I made the decision to change my direction to plant the shallots and I must learn again to do it.

In the first planting of shallots, I didn't know, that, actually the bulbs would be growing after 2 months, and then, because my worries, I have harvested it at the age of 2 months to use as scallions. By chance my son planted 5 of shallots just for fun, the rest of the harvest in a polybag bag that finally made us surprised, because the bulbs really can grow well in my area.

In the image above, that is the second planting that I wait until the bulb grow. By my count it is precise in 4 months I would get my harvest, on April 21 2017. Today, I am very happy and already impatient to wait that time is coming, Because my English is not too well, I don't know the grammar is right or not. I just want to write to express my feeling. I hope for the third planting, I would get better yield and I will work hard more to gain it.

With passion.
Santosa Laksana.

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