Sell The Refined Food of Mustard Greens, Honey Bee, and Mustard Greens Jam. We serve especially for the expats.

Food and agriculture: Invitation for expats

Hello, comrades expatriates who live in Indonesia, how are you today? Let me briefly introduce myself. My name is Santosa Laksana, I live in Mount Kawi, Malang City. I am happy can meet you today, so this is my reason I am writing this article with the hope you can find me and for further we can make a relationship to do business or share everything the experience of us and any issues we hold.

Might be you have a question to yourself, why I really want to meet you? I hope you have a positive thinking about my intention about why I really want to meet you. I am a farmer in our small farming area.  I named my farm is GProS' Farm, which would be the name of my Inn too, because of my farmland in one place with my Inn.

I work hard to keep up my work that finally these activities make me fall in love to increase the appeal of my place, my skill, my ideas, and my goals. In this field, I plant the mustard greens, organic and I have achieved my target to start the best harvest and the best quality of mustard greens. So this hits me not willing to sell raw at the traditional market. I really love my mustard greens.

I don't mean to be pompous or be an evil people. Do you know?  I learned to plant the mustard greens in polybag precisely for one year so that it makes me have many of ideas to combine the harvest yield with the management of my Inn that generates the decision to produce processed food like Mustard Greens Jam and Mustard Greens Crackers that match for accompanying any dishes.

What's the result of a combination of farming activity and my Inn? The result is, I really wish to open my own restaurant with utilizing the yield of the farm, and is lucky my son very love cook westerner foods. This is what the reason why I really want to meet and know closer to you as expats in Indonesia.  Please to coming to my home and tell me what the lacking of my service or the taste of my foods.

To be continued:
For the next, I will story about why my Inn uses the kinship management, then tourists can pay the room by the voluntarily way.

Please try my products below.
Net weight 250g
Net weight 250g
Truly The Mustard Greens Organic

Thanks for stopping by.
Warm regards.
Santosa Laksana

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