Success harvest: Vegetables that made to be various of food.

Food and agriculture: Sells refined foods.

Hi. We are a small private company which is engaged on the vegetables and bee farms. We grow the mustard greens with the organic system planting ways, and feeding the bees with the nectar of flowers especially the mustard greens flowers.

Today, we are producing the mustard greens jam and original honey bee pure which are reaped from our farmland that can be shipped to across Indonesia via Post-Indonesia, TIKI, and JNE or do it by myself.

To generate the mustard greens jam which tasty I treat my mustard greens wisely.  I use pure organic fertilizer to maintain the soil rich and reduce the water content to get a bitter and sweet taste concurrently.

This is my first article to introduce our business to you. I have the plan to fill out our blog with many articles about the values of our products. At this time, I have generated two products that are the mustard greens jam and honey bee pure that tasty and nutritious that worthy for you try.

I will produce porridge cakes, crackers, spicy seasoning that made from the mustard greens which has a characteristic taste of native Indonesia. Seasoning blends from the various of the culture in Indonesia.

I love with my mustard greens, I treat them very well, so I am very pity to sell it so that I made a decision to process them to be a healthful food and delicious.

I hope you would be love to try and I will serve you the best from my heart. Thank you for stopping by, Buddha blesses you.

If you want to buy our products just click banners below. Thanks.

Net weight 250g
Net weight 250g
Truly The Mustard Greens Organic

Santosa Laksana

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